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Here are some examples of how building a mezzanine floor has helped actual companies.

At first sight, adding a mezzanine floor would seem to be useful – making use of space that would otherwise go unused. And that’s true, but there are more benefits of mezzanine floors than many people think.

For example, when you add a mezzanine, you are adding floor area to your building without adding to the plan area. You increase the yield from your exising land. You save the following ways:

    • you dont have to go through the upheaval of moving premises
    • you dont have to teach all your customers and suppliers where to find you now. This can be a significant cost as customers go to your old premises to find you, and when they see you’ve moved, do they go to the trouble to find you or do they look for an alternative supplier)
    • without the mezzanine floor, you would have been paying for airspace that would be unused.
    • when you add a mezzanine floor, you can acquire a smaller building in less expensive areas than you would otherwise need.

Look at how a mezzanine floor has helped the following customers increase their yield from their premises, and/or reduced their costs.

mezzanine (37)
  • No span is too small or too great for us to cover
  • All spans accommodated
  • Office and Storage Floors – a mezzanine floor puts otherwise wasted space to work in buildings with excessive headroom
  • Production Floors : mezzanine floors can provide the floor space to meet almost any production requirements